About Us

Homes & Land is the foremost advertiser of homes for sale in North America. For nearly 40 years, our quality publications have helped connect top real estate professionals with homebuyers and sellers.

Established in 1973, Homes & Land is a network of more than 265 magazines. Each year, Homes & Land publishes approximately 40 million magazines, covering thousands of communities across Canada and the United States.  Our experience and scope have made Homes & Land one of the most recognized and trusted brand names in the real estate industry.

Homes & Land Canada began operation in 2001, and has 28 active franchises in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. The projected Canadian network is for 32 franchises operating within the next 3 years.

Homes & Land offers a variety of magazine formats to best suit the needs of a specific market. Homes & Land Magazine publishes in a full-size, colour-gloss format, as does Estates & Homes for more prestigious properties. Home Guide is a predominantly black and white newsprint magazine that is most appropriate for smaller communities. Rental Guide is a digest magazine featuring advertising by local apartment communities.

In addition to our print magazines, Homes & Land is a true Internet pioneer.  We have been posting real estate listings online since 1992. Today, HomesAndLand.com receives over 1,400,000 unique visitors each month, and our other online services (syndication) are an integral part of the marketing program we provide to our clients.

Each Homes & Land franchise is operated by dedicated professionals who understand the needs of their local marketplace. Our brand name recognition makes us the homebuyers preferred choice for real estate information, and our toll-free magazine request line results in thousands of requests by homebuyers and sellers each week, creating greater exposure for our advertisers and their clients’ properties.

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